Teen Amateur First Timer

This may be one of the best amateur porn movies I’ve ever seen. When you watch the video you see immediately that this is her first dirty movie ever. She ends up saying something to the guy like “be nice to me, I’m my Daddy’s Princess.” He starts chuckling and says “well, let me apologize right now for what I’m about to do to your daddy’s princess” and he proceeds to make good on that apology.

She starts out giving a nice teen blowjob but it quickly goes downhill from there. Or uphill, depending on your perspective. J She gets her teen face fucked and then the guy unleashes one of the largest loads of cum into her mouth in amateur porn history. The look on her eyes is precious when she’s wide-eyed like “holy crap, when will this guy stop filling my mouth with his cum.”

It’s cool though, like a good teen should do, she swallows every single drop of the cum. Shortly thereafter, she’s getting assfucked while she’s laying flat on the bed. Shortly after that, the guy is cumming in her asshole. He brings the camera in nice and tight to catch the cum oozing out of her ass and down her leg onto the sheets. There are some good porn resources on SlammedAmateurs.com. Check it out if you are so inclined.

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