A Tour To Lubricants World

Firstly, there is huge variation of lubricants which on one hand is great because the diversity means more personalized choice. On the other hand it confuses you so that you are unable to make the right choice. To pick up the right lube to suit you as individual you need to know some general information on them. The most common lubricants are water-based, silicone-based, and petroleum-based.

Water-based Lubricants. These are the most common and most recommended. This is because they are compatible with different sex toys, condoms, and is the gentlest lubricant for intimate areas. Besides, they are easy to wash off, warm water is enough. Another advantage of this type is that they can be used on any body part. It also proves to be one of the safest types of lubes. The down side is the fact that you can not use these lubes with waterproof toys (Jacuzzi, pool, and shower).

Silicone-based Lubricants. These are designed for prolonged lubrication or for having fun in the water. The weak point is that they are harder to clean up and they are not compatible with some sex toys. For example, a silicone lube used on a silicone toy can destroy the toy, and as we know the silicone toys are not so cheap. Silicone lubricants last longer and can be easily revived just by adding a little water or saliva to it.

Petroleum-based Lubricants. These are thick by composition and fit best for anal sex, as they provide a thicker lubrication for easier penetration. Petroleum lubes should be used with non-latex sex toys, condoms or other products, they also fit for male masturbation. It is not recommended to use this type of lubricant for women’ games as it irritates vagina.

Flavored Lubricants. Flavored lubricants are mainly used for oral sex. The ones that taste like real fruits are highly recommended. Pay attention to the sugar content! For women works best those which contain less sugar as it can favor Candida or some infections.

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